Social Media Workshop 

with Red Barn Consulting LLC

Thursday, April 26, 2018, 8am to noon

Optional Lunch & Optional Afternoon Breakout Session

at Charleen’s Portrait Studio, 179 Hartford Pike (Route 101), Dayville, CT 06241

Brought to you by Trailing Twine Photography LLC / Gif Booth   

Workshop Morning Agenda with Red Barn Consulting, 8AM to NOON

  • Review terminology that relates to social media management such as: copywriting, brand, conversion, engagement, etc

  • Walk us through via computer demo, practical methods of identifying our most popular content across FB and IG

  • factors on what makes social media posts engaging

  • What Insights or stats to pay attention to or what they really mean. On IG or FB

  • best ways to Create/schedule posts on our platforms: methods, trial and error process.

  • how we should analyze results of our past months posts to get clues on how we can make better posts for the next month or future.

  • Best times of posting on social media

  • Touch on social media ads…Referrals to ad consultants or resources.

NOON: Lunch! Bring your own Lunch (there’s a full kitchen) OR walk over next door to buy your own lunch at The Dubliner Sandwich shop.

Optional After Lunch Breakout Session (from 1 to ~3PM) With a partner, or small group, using your mobile device or with your laptop:

  • Identify your top social media post that’s most popular and brainstorm why it might be popular? figure out key factors on why they were popular for you?

  • make a list of ideas for posts, for the next month based on our insights. Ideally linking or connecting to your website or blog.

PLEASE CHECK-IN between 7:30-8:00AM. We'll have coffee, tea, refreshments. We'll be starting at 8AM sharp! 


or EMAIL LING MESSER that you'd like to register and pay via check