Guests don’t clean up nice for nothing. Rent the GIF Booth, be a party planning mastermind.

Planning a wedding or event is complicated enough—and entertaining both Grandma Jo AND your co-worker's wild kids...really shouldn’t be so difficult.

Traditional photo-booth rentals get clumsy, complicated, and pricey pretty quickly...a backdrop, props, light stands, extra space, PLUS finding someone to attend the camera? That’s nice, thanks.

Introducing GIF Booth, a dapper "photo-booth" that even your party-pooper cousin will love.

As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve searched FOREVER for a better photo-booth—something that's lightweight, outdoor-friendly, attractive, and with photos that are immediately shareable on social media.

GIF Booth is the best option I’ve found, and something I wish I had found for my own wedding—an affordable "photo-booth" that my guests WANTED to bust a move for. 

Why should you love GIF Booth, too?

  • Great design. A stylish, wood tripod holds an elegant circular light that draws in guests. An iPad in the center records and shares animated photos.
  • Easy to use. GIF Booth just takes a minute to setup, and it's astonishingly easy for guests—all they need to do is have fun, record, and share their GIF instantly on social media. Check out our gallery of GIFs.
  • Affordable rates. The rental fee is $650 + sales and use tax. This includes 3 hours of access, an unlimited number of GIF files, a fast setup time, and consultation.