How is our Gif Photo Booth unique?

our gif booth looks sexy and it makes boomerang-like gifs!

  • Great design. A stylish, wood tripod holds an elegant circular light that draws in guests. An iPad in the center records and shares animated photos.

  • Easy to use. GIF Booth just takes a minute to setup, and it's astonishingly easy for guests—all they need to do is have fun, record, and share their GIF instantly on social media.

  • Affordable rates. The rental fee is $650 + sales and use tax. This includes 3 hours of access, an unlimited number of GIF files, a fast setup time, and consultation.

CT MA gif photo booth rental for corporate parties and weddings

How to use the Gif Booth (it’s easy!)

1. Touch the screen to start.

1. Touch the screen to start.

2. Show your moves!

2. Show your moves!

3. Watch your Gif re-play, then send it to your phone.

3. Watch your Gif re-play, then send it to your phone.


Guests don’t clean up nice for nothing. Rent the GIF Booth, be a party planning mastermind.

Planning a wedding or event is complicated enough—and entertaining both Grandma Jo AND your co-worker's wild kids...really shouldn’t be so difficult.

Traditional photo-booth rentals get clumsy, complicated, and pricey pretty quickly...a backdrop, props, light stands, extra space, PLUS finding someone to attend the camera? That’s nice, thanks.

Introducing GIF Booth, a dapper "photo-booth" that even your party-pooper cousin will love.

As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve searched FOREVER for a better photo-booth—something that's lightweight, outdoor-friendly, attractive, and with photos that are immediately shareable on social media.

GIF Booth is the best option I’ve found, and something I wish I had found for my own wedding—an affordable "photo-booth" that my guests WANTED to bust a move for. 


Photo Booth FAQ

Does the GIF Booth need WiFi access?

WIFI access is required for instant download to mobile device. If WIFI is not available, then we will electronically send GIF images within 24 hours following the event to GIF participants that requested GIFs. 

Does the GIF Booth need a power outlet?

Nope! It’s a simple, chic, stand-alone photobooth that uses battery power, making it ideal for outdoor events.

How do guests get their photos?

Guests can instantly send the animated GIF directly to their smartphone via text message. From there, they can download and share on Facebook, other social media platforms, or to wherever your heart desires. They can even view GIFs from the same event!

Can the GIF booth be customized with my branding?

Yes, your company, organization, or event-specific branding can be featured at every user touch point:

  • The main featured logo with a link to your website

  • A smaller logo overlay on GIFs made during the event

  • The event guest email request (optional)

  • In the short custom text message that users receive after recording their GIF

  • A hashtag specific to your event

Will the photobooth take up a lot of room?

No, it has a slim tripod design, and needs only about 3’ x 3’ space. We recommend setting aside 6' x 4' space to allow room for guests to mill around the face of the GIF Booth! 

Does someone need to attend the booth during the event?

The GIF Booth comes with an "attendant" but it does not require super close babysitting. The GIF Booth has an iPad at the center. Guests simply touch the screen, it records an animated GIF, and guests enter their phone number to receive the GIF. There is no need for an attendant to stand right by the booth. 

Do I need to book a photography package to rent the Gif Booth?

There is no requirement to book a photo package with Trailing Twine Photography in order to rent.

Can guests print photos right there?

No, the GIF Booth is unique compared to other photo booths because it lets guests instantly save GIFs to their phone, and share the photos on social media. 

What is a GIF?

A GIF is simply a photo that moves — it’s an animated image.